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The Ultimate Link Guide to the novel “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown

Look up and research all relevant keywords, places and pictures from “The Lost Symbol” with just one tap: The must have iPhone App for all Dan Brown fans!

“Philosopher's Stone”, “circumpunct”, “entanglement theory” – Do you really know what they mean? Is “symbolon” a real word?

What does the painting “The Apothesis of George Washington” look like? Is it really true that the events of 9/11 have changed the behavior of Random Event Generators (do they exist at all)? And what are “Noetic Sciences” all about? Are “Freemasons” the masterminds of conspiracy theories? What would they say about Dan Brown‘s new novel “The Lost Symbol”?

With this app, it’s as easy as a tap on your iPhone to discover these secret and hidden meanings. But there is even more:

In “The Lost Symbol”, the Capitol’s Rotunda is mentioned a lot – but have you ever been there? Independence Ave., Kalorama Heights, House of the Temple: Where are they again? One tap takes you there to look around.

Our app will help you absorb Dan Brown’s novel, “The Lost Symbol”, engaging all your senses and taking you right to the centre of the action.

Dan Brown is famous for his meticulous research. Each bit of information in this novel carries certain meaning. Of course, you could hang out all day in a large library, wade through books to learn more about all those people, locations and historical connections mentioned in the novel. But, do you have the time and energy? Just relax, we already did all the work for you! With our Ultimate Link Guide, all the answers are just a tap away!

All relevant keywords are sorted by chapters and in a separate view in alphabetical (and searchable) order. The keywords are connected with the relevant pages, images and/or places on the web.

  • More than 1000 unique entries
  • More than 2000 chapter related entries
  • More than 100 image links
  • More than 400 location links
  • More than 1000 Wikipedia links

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